Common Ground

Catholic Common Ground seeks to lessen polarities and divisions that weaken the communion of the church. We do this through our signature programs, events, and a continued effort of representing Cardinal Joseph Bernadin’s values on varying perspectives and working to foster faith and understanding.

Murnion Lecture

The annual Murnion Lecture features a respected scholar who addresses the Catholic Common Ground Initiative’s central tenet of dialogue.  Held in conjunction with the annual presentation of the Bernardin Award, the entire evening offers fruitful discussion and reflection upon the late Cardinal Murnion’s precious work of building and maintaining ecclesial communion.

Bernardin Award

The Bernardin Award is given annually, and in conjunction with the annual Murnion Lecture, to an individual or group within the Church who exemplifies the late Cardinal’s lasting wish of achieving dialogical standing and common ground within the ecclesial community.


Our Webinar series offers a platform to facilitate conversations about current events in the world and its impact in the Church. The goal of these conversations is to be a model of common ground in a polarizing world.