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2012 Bernardin Conference

14th Annual Conference   |  March 2-4, 2012  |  Mundelein, Illinois

Conference Purpose:

One of the fundamental purposes of the Catholic Common Ground Initiative is to enhance and promote ecclesial communion.  As the Initiative has surveyed the current challenges to ecclesial communion in the United States it has taken note of the significant disparities that exist within and between the generations that populate the church in the United States.  The variety of perspectives on and expectations for a shared life of faith can make it difficult for all to experience a shared sense of ecclesial unity as well as to work together to promote the mission of the Church.

Utilizing the CCGI principles for ecclesial dialogue the 2012 Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Conference will explore what can be done to enhance a vibrant sense of ecclesial communion that celebrates intra and inter generational diversity and unity. In light of inter and intra generational diversity the Conference will ask how individually and collectively we can hold together and promote the life and mission of the church.  More specifically the Conference also will explore what structures or practices of Catholic community life that include all generations can promote a sense of ecclesial communion that is noted for being about affirmation, recognition, learning and challenge.    

Hoped for Outcomes:

By the end of the conference we would like to say that we have:

Participant Recommended Readings:

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2009 Murnion Lecture [6] from Symmetrical Design [7] on Vimeo [8].


5.  2009 Responses to Jim Davidson’s Lecture:  Amy Hoey, RSM, educator and leader for the Sisters of Mercy Congregation, Mike Hayes, co-founder of BustedHalo.com, Melissa Cidade, Director of CARA’s Pastoral Assistance Surveys and Services

Text: Amy Hoey [9], Mike Hayes [10], Melissa Cidade [11] 

Or Video

2009 Murnion Lecture: Panel Discussion [12] from NPLC [13] on Vimeo [8]